Q: How accuracy Trip is?
A: We have tested Trip application on some devices and cars and there may be difference between cars ECU and also with Android phones and OBD2 Bluetooth devices. There is about ~3000 different phone models in the market and we cannot guarantee that our app works with those all. There are also a lot of different car models and we need user help in order to know how our app works for them. You can use our web form or send comments via email to our support.

Currently tested card brands are some Volvo models newer than 2005, Audi, Opel, Toyota.

Testing has been done mostly with LG G3, Samsung phones and tree OBD2 device.

Here are some test result with Samsung Galaxy II running against PC Bluetooth OBD2 Simulator. Result in this optimal set shows that our app is showing values 100% correctly if stabile enviroment exists.

Trip test results with OBD BTH Simulator, Speed stabile 100km/h Update interval 200ms & and Speed, RPM, Coolant Temp and MGP with MAF enabled

Speed		Distance(km)	        Time(minutes)
100km/h		8,33333333333333	5
100km/h		16,6666666666667	10
100km/h		25			15
100km/h		33,3333333333333	20
100km/h		41,6666666666667	25
100km/h		50			30
100km/h		58,3333333333333	35
100km/h		66,6666666666667	40
100km/h		75			45
100km/h		83,3333333333333	50
100km/h		91,6666666666667	55
100km/h		100			60
100km/h		108,333333333333	65

Q: Trip OBD2 Coolant Temperature shows different value than car Coolant Temperature meter?
A: Trip is showning values what cars ECU is giving, so fault may be in you car ECU or that Coolant Temperature sensor is in differenet place in you car engine. Sorry, there is nothing we can do for this now.

Q: My devices always asks bluetooth pin code when I press .Start. in Trip app.
A: This is a known issue in Android devices, not caused by Trip application, when you unpair and pair OBD2 or other Bluetooth devices with you Android Phone. Try follow bellow steps, if this doesn't help, you need to make factory reset for your phone.

	1: From the main screen, press the Menu button and choose Settings.
	2: Select Wireless & networks, then Bluetooth settings.
	3: Scroll down to the device you want to delete.  Press and hold until a popup menu comes up.
	4: Choose Unpair.  This will make the status change from .Paired but not connected. to .Pair with this device..
	5: Reboot the you Android device.  When it comes back up, the bluetooth device will be gone from the list.

Q: OBD-device is connected to but driving diary not measure anything? or I got error code ERR91 or ERRn
A: Usually this happens in cases where OBD-device is not compatible with car or OBD-device is jammed. Please unplug you device from car and replugin, then try again.

Q: Is OBD support hybrid or electric cars?
A: Sorry! currenlty we support only normal cars. Maybe future.

Q: In exported Excel file there is dirved km/mile filed and I'm unable to calculate summary from those field because there is text km/mile in same field.
A: Yes this is legacy functionality from DrivingDiary Engine and to be fixed to future version. How ever here is inscrtion how to change fields in Execl 2010. Excel2010-kentta-numeroiksi.pdf

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